Oh Now I Really Have to Get Active!


I have not done much in the way of exercise nor healthy eating for months. I have a number of excuses. My house went up for sale, and I had to keep cleaning every day so it would look spotless for prospective buyers. I had to pack up things to get ready to move. I had to go out and look at properties, to find one to buy. I had to be ready should a prospective buyer’s real estate agent want to show the house….and so on. Then after the sale and the move to this small city from the Big City, there has been unpacking and organizing.

I ate out a lot during that time too because of the showings coinciding with meal times.

I weigh 147 pounds! After all that work to lose weight a few years ago, too.

I have run out of excuses now.

So….let the exercising and the healthy eating begin once again.

I used an online weight and calorie tracker before. It was a bit of a pain having to visit the site and keep track of everything. I have not decided whether to use it again or not. I think that I will try keeping a record on a wall calendar of treadmill time, and try to be aware of calories without actual counting for one month. At the end of that time, should this method not work, I’ll return to the online site and use it again.


And the Beat Goes On…

If you, dear reader, are familiar with Sonny and Cher (I am really dating myself now, aren’t I?) you will recognize the song from which this title comes.

What is going on for me though is a slight change: “And the weight goes on…”

LOL. I am still working on getting back to the treadmill. I have plans to start making a chart to encourage me to use it. At the end of each week that I have followed the plan, I will allow myself one treat of some sort. Just to entice me to exercise.

There are many tricks that one can use to change bad habits like watching a lot of TV and sitting too much into good ones.


Okay, so I have gained some weight. I started two medications in the past few months, both of which can contribute to weight gain. I look forward to that leveling off though, and soon I hope! I weighed 131 pounds last weigh in.

Time to Weigh In!

Oh my but this blog has been neglected. It is now 2016, nearly the end of March. I weighed 126.2 pounds today. I have been careful what I eat and I use the treadmill, not always as often as I should, but I try. I want to reach about 125.0 pounds and maintain that weight.

Had a bone density test the other day, and I am waiting for the results. I have started to take Calcium and Vitamin D.


I gained some weight over the holidays, reaching 136.0 pounds by mid-February, long after the treats and goodies from the season were all gone.

I started on Tamoxifen recently, and continue to use the treadmill and weight machine. Sometimes Tamoxifen will cause weight gain and sometimes it will cause weight loss! On March 2, I weighed 134.4 pounds, down from 136.0. I have been eating better during the day – a salad and slice of high fibre bread with butter and either ham slice or low cal process cheese. A low calorie yogurt and small Del Monte fruit cup (fruit packed in water) is an alternate lunch which I find very satisfying. Of course, an apple or pear mid-afternoon, to get me through until dinner.

I love my coffee, with sugar and half and half. Those calories do add up though. Instead, I’ve begun having green tea and peppermint tea in the afternoon, with a ‘reward’ of a decaff coffee before dinner.


No Weigh in This Week

I haven’t weighed myself this week.  Between the Christmas preparation and having husband home for holidays, I just didn’t have the time. I am making a chocolate cheesecake tomorrow (!) so I do not expect to maintain weight or lose over the next week or two. That’s okay, the new year is coming with it’s resolutions and a new start. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I do plan to post some example menus of the foods I have eaten while working on weight loss soon.

Missed the Weigh In

I didn’t weigh in this week. I have plans to check my weight this coming week and then post some information on the menus I have used for weight loss over the past year or so.